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Where do our dogs come from?  We get our dogs from private surrenders locally, transfers from other rescue groups, and other shelters.

How do you determine your fees?  Caring for dogs can be expensive.  FHDR has set fees for dogs by size, breed, and age.  Some dogs may arrive needing more care than their adoption fees will allow, and others come to us needing very little care.  Our budget can't cover what a private owner can provide, but we ensure our dogs are comfortable and meet their basic needs.   Our volunteers and donors make up many budget shortfalls by donating medical care, dog food, or supplies we can't collect from adoption fees.

What do we look for when we check references?  We can do reference checks as a part of pre-meets or after the dog has been matched.  References are additional info that helps us in determining placement.  We will 1). call your references to help us better understand your experience 2). call or ask for medical history for your current pets 3). chat with your landlord for property permission 4). ask for photos of the common areas of your home, including fencing 5).  do a home check 


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